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Pick Up and Drop Off Services

* Depending on your location Pick up & Drop off services would not be available *

If you have any questions about wether we offer Pick up/ Drop off at your location please feel free to call us or email us.*

Meeting Your Needs

Laundry Room
Sewing Machine

Dry Clean

Always Prepared


Attention to Detail


Expert Service


Residential Pick Up & Drop Off Services

Reliable & Efficient

Why choose at-home pick up?

-More time for yourself

-The ability to have your dry cleaning taken care of without leaving home.

-You don’t even have to be home! We can pre-arrange a specific drop-off and pick-up location of your choice whether it’s near the garage, the front porch, you name it and we will take care of it.

-Minimize your to-do list.

Do you live in an apartment building or condo type complex?

Not a problem! We can pick up your bag of items based on where it is that you would like to leave them. Whether it be by the front gate or front desk, near a mailbox, garage, or even right in front of your door. If you happen to be home we can pick them up right from you!

Don’t forget…

If you refer a friend:

You and your friend both receive $5 each in dry cleaning credit !!!

The more friends you get to try our services, the more credits you can earn!!!


So, make sure to get the word out in your neighborhood, complex, or apartment building and start saving on your dry cleaning today!


Corporate Pick Up & Drop Off Services

Reliable & Efficent

Did you know that Rich's Dry Cleaners doesn’t only do at home pick up and drop off, but they also provide corporate service as well?

We also provide our pick up and drop off services to groups of various work places. Whether your an employer looking to provide dry cleaning for your workers or your an employee looking to set up a group pick up and drop off for you and your fellow co-workers, Rich's Dry Cleaners is here to offer you the convenience!

Who does “corporate” pick up service mean?

Group pick up from…

  • Office Buildings

  • Medical Buildings

  • Retail

  • Museums

  • Dealerships

  • Hotels

  • Police Departments

  • Many More…

How Does this Service Work?

All we need is a designated area where we can pick up the bags of items that need to be dry cleaned and a closet or place where we can drop off and hang them once cleaned.

It’s that simple and easy!

We can come daily, weekly, b-weekly, or what ever your choosing may be!

What items do we dry clean?

  • Lab Coats

  • Suits

  • Uniforms

  • Shirts

  • Scrubs

  • Much more…

  • Why use our corporate pick up and drop off service?

-As an employer you might want to make life easier and more convenient for your employees by providing dry cleaning so that they don’t have to take care of it on their personal time. They can have their dry cleaning taken care of while they are at work!

-As an employee you might want to set up a group service for yourself and your co-workers. This again, provides you with convenience in having your dry cleaning taken care of while you are at work and can make life easier for you and your co-workers. Become everyones favorite by organizing this for your workplace!

**For more information please call us at 215-345-9515**

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